Knitting Needles & Flying

Knitting seems like a perfect thing to do as a passenger. Time can go by and projects can get done and there is something to keep your hands busy so you can forget that you are not being fed. Seems a shame to waste spare time without a project in-hand, but there are safety issues with knitting needles that I had not realized.

Rick Steves’s helpline has a thread about this which you may find informative:…

Cork International Airport currently has this on their main page:

Please remember to remove all sharp items from your hand luggage. Cork Airport Security staff will not allow you to carry any sharp items in your hand luggage. Items most frequently found include: scissors, tweezers, tools, knitting needles, knives, darts, household cutlery, razor blades, etc. In order to facilitate the efficient operation of Cork Airport’s passenger security process, passengers are asked to remove outer jackets and belts, before they approach the screening machines. Lap top computers must be removed from their cases and opened to reveal the keyboard.

As disappointing as it is to be traveling and not making use of the time (particularly on long flights), I’d hate to have brought something and have someone with bad intentions use it against me or a fellow passenger. Makes the good old book seem more attractive. But where do I stop being cautious? I regularly bring my knitting everywhere in my purse so if waiting for any length of time I can stitch in a row or two. It really makes me long for the simpler days, except I definitely don’t miss the days when smoking was permitted on planes!

If you are also a knitter or crafty person looking to read more about knitting, yarn shops, and flexing creative muscles when traveling the world (or just staying at home), visit my other blog,Spring Stitches. It is focused on my adventures in knitting, sewing, crafty things, and inspired upcycling. So if that’s also your cup of tea, hop on over!

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