Energy, Excitement, Excess Crowds

There is such an energy and excitement in D.C. right now. It reminds me of the city I remember growing up. Some say four million people (including “stars“) will be in the District for the inauguration as well as other related events and countless bridge and road closures! I just noticed The Raveonettes are playing at The Black Cat tomorrow night. Can you believe it!? And for about $20 pp. As much as I’d love to go, I also want to avoid the crowds since I am getting over a bad head cold flu thing. Thankfully, Sunday’s HBO concert will be broadcast free to cable customers and we’ll all be by our television sets on Tuesday. I think if my husband were here with me, I’d be more inclined to make the brave trek downtown (or to crash at a friend’s flat the night before to make it easier), but that’s because he has such enthusiasm himself that it helps give me pep when I am running low, like now when I am on the mend and grumbling about sinus pressure. Which makes me wonder if our new President will do much the same thing for citizens of our nation – lend us his enthusiasm and energy so we can regain some pep in these tough times.

I rely on this to keep informed:

Bars are behind this too. Did I mention there will be over 200 pubs in D.C. staying open all night? And Maryland passed emergency legislation (gotta love it) that makes it easier for some to stay open one hour later on Tuesday night.


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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