Visiting Barcelona & Tibidabo

We arrived in Barcelona last night and are staying for a long weekend. We are staying in a short-term rental apartment, Ciutadella Park, that is hip, well-located, and bright. I just about wanted to move in when I saw the master bathroom – and was ready to stay put when I stepped foot on the sunny terrace which has an not-so-obvious view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Today, we purchased a ten-trip one-zone Metro card and began our exploration of the city. Be sure to have a Metro map handy so you can plan ahead which line(s) you need. Once atop the stairs leading to each underground Metro station, it is good to staying moving and mind your belongings. So, be sure you know what stop you need to get off at (and how many stops it is from where you are) as well as the final stop of the line which helps determine direction. If you need to make connections, you may wish to jot this information down so you don’t have to remember it on your way back. It really is a quick and easy way to get around the city.

We took the Metro to Lesseps then proceeded to walk to Park Güell. We then set our sights on Tibidabo. We took a taxi up to the top (just over ten euros) and enjoyed the view of the city. The amusement park was quiet, but the restaurant was open so we had lunch. I discovered my love of Spanish Omelettes and then we looked inside the Temple de Sagrat Cor.


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