Fair Trade in Barcelona

It seems like the world is at your fingertips in Europe, but little did I realize that fair trade shops have not taken over to their fullest potential. Though I shop at many stores, I also am hooked on Etsy.com which is artist to buyer direct so they receive the amount they choose for the item they make. But what about in developing countries or populations that may not have access to sell their creations online? That is what makes fair trade shops fun – something unique and handmade from another country that can’t be found anywhere and everywhere. Handmade, after all, usually means one-of-a-kind. Even if a dozen of something are made, each will be ever-so-slightly different from the human touch.

While in Barcelona, we visited one of the first fair trade stores in Spain! It focuses on Nepalese items, some of which made by those who had to leave their homeland of Tibet. My luggage was bulging with all the goodies I found. Best of all, they have purses, hair accessories, and other goodies made of felt (insert happy dance here, I love felt). They also have jewelry and meditation supplies as well as artwork. If I had to choose my favorite item in their shop it would have to be the super soft and warm throw blankets. But don’t just sit here reading, check out their website or, if you’re in Barcelona, stop by Sathi Art. It is near the L1, L2 Universitat Metro stop – C/Lleó, 28. They’re even open during siesta hours when the city is otherwise closed and quiet. Since the site is in Spanish, here is a link to a translated view of SathiArt.com.

Sathi Art (near the L1, L2 Universitat Metro stop - C/Lleó, 28)
Sathi Art (near L1, L2 Universitat Metro - C/Lleó, 28)

Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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