Raise a Pint [Glass]

Recently I’ve noticed that pint-style glassware is everywhere. You can buy drinking glasses at almost any store from the discount shops to Brown Thomas to Tesco – and they can even be found on the streets! You have a choice if you want pint glasses in Cork City:

1) Get unmarked plain pint or pilsner glasses at a discount or regular store.
There are discount stores on Oliver Plunkett, North Main, and Paul Street. Tesco on Paul Street has basic glassware on the far side of the store (far left as you enter, near the back). Most department stores have some tableware selection as well though prices range from dear (Brown Thomas) to budget-minded (Penney’s, Dunnes, or Guiney’s)

2) Look for BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals at off-license and grocery stores.
The real deal is in the off-license and grocery stores though. Twice now I have purchased beer and glasses come free! At Radley’s on North Main, we received one free Guinness pint glass (with gold printing and boxed nicely) with each purchase. That’s a general purchase, not just Guinness! At SuperValu, I have seen on more than one occasion glasses free with the purchase of the related beer. We have two substantial and wonderful half-pint glasses printed with the Hoegaarden name and logo.

3) Go prowling the streets on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night.
Often perfectly functional logo-printed pint glasses are forgotten in alleyways and curbs in the midst of a night of good craic. I’ve seen this first-hand twice.

Two of the pint glasses I've received free with off-license beer purchase
Two of the pint glasses I've received free with off-license beer purchase

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