Jameson Whiskey’s Old Midleton Distillery

Step back in time to learn about the history of Jameson Whiskey and tour its old Midleton distillery. The gift shop is great for anything with branding – they even have pot holders and tea towels! The tour has a price and is about 45 minutes long with a reward at the end. All tour tickets have a rip-off section that is good for a glass of Jameson (or juice/water/soda) at the end of the tour. You can order your Jameson any way you like it so long as they have the ingredients. 

Tour tip for whiskey lovers: When you reach the room with all the barrels around the walls, there is a short film. At this time, stand near the tour guide because when the film is over she will ask for volunteers to be in a whiskey tasting group. Members of that group (I think it is eight people) taste Jameson alongside two other non-Irish whiskeys (Kentucky and Scottish). They ALSO get the serving that comes with the tour ticket – so no designated drivers for this treat. You even get a certificate with your name saying you are a whiskey taster.
Jameson Whiskey's Old Midleton Distillery
Jameson Whiskey

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