Not Just Loafing Around – Fresh-baked Bread in Cork City


From sandwiches to soup, bread is a staple food second only to the potato. Over the past few months I have found favorites and am starting to learn where to go for bread specific to my preferences. Here’s the result… If toasted for sandwiches, homemade croutons, or breakfast toast, I prefer the Sourdough Loaf from the ABC in English Market or the Organic Stonebaked White Loaf from Tesco. Each has a good loaf shape. For snacks and breakfast (toasted or straight from the cutting board), I love the Challah Bread from the ABC at English Market. If only making savory sandwiches and not necessarily toasting, I prefer the Plain Croissants from Marks & Spencer.

In general, if I want bread specifically I go to the ABC in English Market, Marks & Spencer at Merchants Quay, or Tesco by Cornmarket. My approach to keeping bread from getting stale too soon is to keep it in its paper bread bag (or put it in one if it came in plastic) then wrap it in one of my cotton market totes. For some reason, this has helped keep fresh-baked preservative-free bread for up to four days (a huge feat in my book).

Organic Stonebaked White Loaf from Tesco
Organic Stonebaked White Loaf from Tesco


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