Ode to Convenience Foods

This weekend, someone asked us what we’ll miss when it comes time to leave Ireland. We didn’t know what to say because there are so many things we love here. My favorite things about Cork are that the city is perfect to enjoy without a car (though it’s probably fine with a car too). I also love that there is such a variety of markets, bakeries, cafes, and shops. Of course, Conor and I both agreed that second only to the kindness of the people in Cork, we’d miss the convenience foods (especially from Marks & Spencer). 

Thursday night, we had chicken sandwiches with potato/leek soup and for dessert M&S did the baking. We had Bramley Apple Pies, little mini ones. One is pictured here and just as delicious as it looks. Not too sweet or too tart. Six to a pack, two for each of us that night for dessert and two for me for breakfast Saturday. Mmm.

Bramley Apple Pies
Bramley Apple Pies



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