From here to there then back, a walk around Cork

Today, we set out for a long walk around Cork City Centre, though not the usual lively shopping district we visit. We started to walk east through the City Centre along the River Lee until we came across a trail. We followed the trail to the Cork Cricket Club and Fitzgerald Park. We had a spot of tea and enjoyed the gardens in the park, then visited the University College Cork campus. There is an exhibit at the university museum which was a wonderful thing to happen upon – it relates to books as art! At one point, the docent even posed the question to the group (on a tour of the exhibit), “Do you think books will become extinct?” Since that was quite close to my undergraduate thesis topic (The place of the book in the era of the new media), I was tickled to get to learn more about it – and thought it was pretty neat that more than ten years after I wrote that thesis the topic is still lively. We walked home and passed Jackie Lennox’s where we stopped in for dinner. The fish (haddock) and chips are amazing there. The chips actually taste like potatoes!!


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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