In Search of a Good Teapot

Though I have found a good pot of tea already in Cork City, I have yet to find a good teapot, thereby making it possible to make a good pot of tea at home. The search will continue. Perhaps it will take a day or perhaps a month (or longer), but I am patient and a good pot of tea is worth the wait.

When I arrived, I quickly learned there are things a Cork woman should have handy. An umbrella and/or light raincoat is very important. I did not have one with me on Friday and learned my lesson. Also the usual odds and ends that define city life, such as a wallet, a mobile phone, a few empty totes for the market, lip gloss, perhaps even a hat (not baseball). All this is handily carried around in the all-important city purse. This purse managed to not make it with me on my trip (yes, I am kicking myself that my D&B handbag is back in the States with parents). To make sure I was ready for life in Cork, I needed such a bag. Someone suggested a few shops downtown and we set out to find a purse. Quite a mission and I must admit I enjoyed myself. The move itself was a bit stressful so having some fun here was a treat. First, at Penney’s we found a light beige faux leather purse that was just five Euros! Then I fell in love with a Jasper Conran purse at Devenham’s, but resisted since it was not within impulse buy budget range. However, no sooner did I look away then I found an orange-tan shoulder bag that was perfect. A medium outer pocket and a large inside space. It can carry my raincoat, umbrella, market totes, wallet, change purse, and kitchen sink! I’ll admit I was surprised I had such immediate luck and now feel a bit more prepared to live here knowing I can at least make my way around town and back relying on the contents of my new purses.

Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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