Walking in Cork City

Cork is a very walkable city, so long as you watch out for all the cars. Pedestrians are not kings here like in the States. And 99% of pedestrians do not obey the crosswalk signs. I have yet to understand when one knows it is “safe” to cross, but hope to learn. It also sheds light on the title choice for David Monagan’s book Jaywalking With The Irish (available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk as well as in the travel essay section of bookstores).

In just one day of walking around town, I visited the Cornish pasties shop, Brennan’s Cook Shop, Devenham’s, Guiney’s, Tesco, the English Market (think Reading Terminal or Pike Place – only with more groceries and fewer places to dine-in). I set out to find a favorite butcher and succeeded! We purchased (raw) two large stuffed chicken breasts and marinated potatoes for dinner and as our purchases were tallied at the register, the butcher gave us cooking instructions. The meal was delicious and tasted like something for a holiday. The best news of all is that Tesco has jarred cranberry spread so we made sandwiches with the leftovers.

Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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