Moving to Cork

After about seven weeks of preparations, I will soon be in Cork City, Ireland. The move has been anything but simple and it is difficult to leave our friends and jobs in California, but now I look forward to getting to know Cork and making new friends.

I know I will miss certain people and certain things. The people are no surprise, but the things may be…
• Cranberry and turkey sandwiches
• Black bean burritos
• Authentic guacamolé
• Picnics in the Napa Valley
• Driving my car
• Root beer floats
• Thanksgiving
• Yuengling Lager (though California did not have it either)
• Mochi
• Trader Joe’s
• Sunnyvale Public Library
• Soy BLT sandwiches from Mission Bakery
• Green tomatillo salsa
• Being able to order things from Amazon and Overstock
• IKEA being local
• Ann Taylor LOFT and J.Crew
• Warm, sunny days with no humidity

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