Educational Yet Fun Events Going On Around Town This Week

I keep collecting little circulars and notes about events going on around town then forget to blog about them. In a rare instance, I didn’t forget so here’s a list with some photos to break up the text.

Would You Like A Cup of Tea?


The Central Library on Grand Parade presents the launch of James Harpur’s Angels and Harvesters (Anvil Press, available from and and Mary O’ Malley’s Valparaiso (Carcanet, available from and or if you’re in Galway pick up your copy at Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop) on Tuesday, 22 May. O’Malley’s and Harpur’s writings were featured on Sunday Miscellany on 25 March, 2012

Now this one has me tempted! Morning coffee with Alice Taylor on Thursday, 24 of May. This is a bus trip to Innishannon House Hotel to enjoy coffee and a scone while listening to a reading by author Alice Taylor. Alice Taylor wrote To School Through The Fields (available from and, An Irish Country Christmas (available from and and Continue reading