Cork City Parking Options

Cork may be walkable and a perfect cozy size, but it is also the second-largest city in the Republic and parking quickly reminds us of that fact. If you are a car owner living in, working in, or even visiting Cork City, you need a personal parking space, a parking disc, a ticket for a Q-Park or other garage (aka car park), or a city permit. There are, however, times when you can park on some streets without any of these, but during weekday ‘office’ hours and Saturdays, be prepared to leave your vehicle in a place for a fee. Though free parking has been a hot topic, for now most options require you part with a few quid.

No Parking Day Or Night

While we’re talking about cars in town, here’s a quick refresher on driving in Cork City.
1) Look out for pedestrians. Jaywalking is a way of life here.
2) Tourists, remember to keep left.
3) Watch traffic patterns because one-way streets are popular. Maps are readily available online and in the Cork Vision Centre, ORK, and other tourism offices.
4) The city itself is very walkable so whenever possible, park your car and explore on foot.

To help you find a spot so you can get out and explore the city (or to your office or home), here is a run-down of parking options which I will describe below:
Street Parking with ParkMagic (Pay by Phone);
Parking Discs
; Multi-Storey Car Parks;
Black Ash Park & Ride (Kent Station too);
Residential Permit
Private Parking
by Arrangement;
Disabled Parking
Free Parking
Options (they may not be central, but they exist); and
(in case you just want to give up on owning a car after reading about the other options).

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