Tonight, bonfires can be found in Cork and Limerick. It is to markMidsummer Eve, which happens to also coincide with the Midsummer Festival. Bonna Night is what the locals ’round here call it.

You can see a bit of smoke to the right of Shandon Bells in this photo. I’d have taken an action shot if the teenagers didn’t intimidate me so much.

Traveling and Meeting Fellow Knitters

Before traveling to France this month, I looked on Ravelry to see where users in the cities I’d be visiting bought their yarn, hoping to get shopping ideas for myself. In the course of admiring yarn, I was so amazed at a few Ravelers’s projects I had to write them and reiterated my inquiry. As a result, I made plans with two fabulous women to meet while I was on holiday. They each were welcoming, kind, and great company. As an added bonus, I met a third Raveler by chance! It was one of those cute moments when she asked what I do and I mentioned my blogs and she asked what I blog about and I responded and once the word ‘knitting’ was out we started shouting and jumping like school chums reunited. I look forward to keeping in touch with all three and basking in the kind world we live in. When so much negativity, violence, and oppression is seen in the news each day, it is a glimmer of hope to know there are still good people out there with warm hearts and open minds.


World Wide Knit In Public Day 2009

Today, we will be enjoying World Wide Knit In Public Day in Fitzgerald Park. What fun! Though our local KIP fun is not on the main KIP Day website, it will be happening. Makes me wonder why we need one particular day to draw us out of doors.

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